Les ananas magiques de Dame Pancetta

(Lady Pancetta’s magical pineapples)

Lyrical bestiary for mezzo-soprano, baritone, children choirs and instrumental ensemble
Duration : env. 65’
Commission of the association « Léz’arts dans l’école »
World premiere in Besançon on april 8th and 11th  2014.

Extract 1

Extract 2

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Presentation text

The original tale was written to be aloud read to the children by his author Joseph Diaz who so presides in his beautiful village named Ansouis (Luberon – France).

Musical treatment has not the same imperatives as those of the spoken reading ; thus deep modifications were necessary for the composition of the libretto; modifications made largely before, but also throughout the musical writing.

Intended to be sung by choirs of amateur children, the motives and the melodies are simple and easy to memorise, but the rest of the musical score is more complex and destined to professional musicians: 2 singers and 8 instrumentalists; and obviously the narrator(s) whose spoken interventions – just reminder of the first purpose of this tale – make much more easy the follow-up of the dramatic progress.

This crazy adventure, which presents on stage a very diverse bestiary, looks like an initiatory journey, and reminds us – if necessary – that a persevering faith in dreams and fantasy is always wholesome.

Patrick Burgan

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