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Henri Dutilleux

Patric Burgan

« I have always liked the ease with which Patrick Burgan manages to mould his style by adapting it to the kind of works he decides to undertake. The recent production of Peter Pan or the real story of Wendy Moira Angela Darling reveals a new aspect of his talents in the field of opera inspired by the world of childhood ».
(2006, regarding the opera Peter Pan)

« The full-length version seduced me by the fit of light, the liveliness of the instrumental language »
(2004, regarding Spheres for large orchestra)

« I was indeed very moved by your intention to dedicate this work to me. And now, I’m glad to tell you that I love the construction, the spirit, the musical material, and particularly this ease (in the best sense of the word, it would be better to say this freedom) with whom you realize your subject, as in others of your works actually.
The link with Baudelaire, by the evocation of the poem « A une passante », who always fascinated me, also moves me a lot »
(1997, regarding Un éclair…puis la nuit ! for 15 instruments)

« I have always liked the ease with which Patrick Burgan manages to mould his style by adapting it to the kind of works he decides to undertake »

Henri Dutilleux

Sylviane Falcinelli

Portrait Patrick Burgan

“Composing is for Patrick Burgan akin to a biological process. Just as the dividing of the cell liberates energy, so does his chosen means of expression reveal the human soul. There can be no more ontological or artificial divide between the raw sound material to be refined by the composer’s ideal (during the work in progress phase) than between the soul and its parent body. Consequently, any artistic distinction between sacred and secular becomes irrelevant. As human life is but a time period between a before and an after, so does a piece of music represent the setting in motion of a preexisting fundamental force, refracted through the prism of the composer’s personality and expertise and later passed on to its listeners. Yet Patrick Burgan never forgets that the artist who strives to express beauty borders upon the absolute, which is itself not far from the sacred.”

« He works on the supple embrace between poetry and music permitting all kinds of instrumental and orchestral diversity. He projects the narrative reflection through the repeated musical prisms but always lovingly yielding to the underlying poetic beauty »

“His chosen means of expression reveal the human soul”

Sylviane Falcinelli

The text written by Marc Blanchet has not been yet translate.

Portrait Patrick Burgan

“”With the poet Marc Blanchet and the photographer Max Armengaud at the Casa of Velazquez in 1993 (photo Max Armengaud)””

The text written by Marc Blanchet has not been yet translate.

“Patrick Burgan affirme la profondeur d’un chant devant l’ironie du siècle”

Marc Blanchet

Radios – Interviews – Seminars – Documentaries


– Cross interview: Eric-Emmanuel Schmitt – Daniel Kawka – Patrick Burgan
RPL broadcast – 22 november 2022 – Subject : Enigma at Opéra de Metz

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– > Seminar of 18/03/2016 : Patrick Burgan (time in the video : 25′ à 41′) talk about the influences of other musics (populars, medieval, etc.) in his works, and particularly in his lyrical epic “1213-Bataille de Muret” : Clic here

– > “I remenber…” Documentary about the 20th birthday of Festival Toulouse-Les-Orgues, with the wonderful first performance of Audi Coelum (beginning of the doc.) : Clic here