Seven last words of Christ

Orchestra with narrator ad libitum
2222/2200/ perc (2), ha, p-cel./Str.
(1996 – revision 2008)
Duration : 20’
Commissioned by the Symphonic Orchestra of Tours.

First performance on january 23rd 2000 by the Symphonic Orchestra of Tours directed by Jean-Yves Ossonces.
First performance of the new version on january 29th 30th et 31st by the Symphonic Orchestra of Pau directed by Joël Suhubiette.
Editions Jobert

“I thirst” :

“It is finished” :

Orchestral Nomenclature

These 7 pieces for orchestra were written in the wake of my Stabat Mater for mixed choir a capella to which the dramatic context and also the musical content are very close. Furthermore, I revised this work chiefly to enhance the dramatic speech and create a more perfect harmony between the word and its musical resonance – even to the extent of re-writing certain sections and certain pieces entirely. Claudel’s vibrant alliteration in the « Chemin de croix » (the stations of the cross) is recognisable in certain orchestral combinations : as are the nails which pierce the flesh before penetrating the wood (1st piece) : as is the vinegar soaked cloth which is raised on the lance towards the parched mouth of Christ (4th piece ) : as is the celestial veil which is ripped apart when doubt seizes the son of mankind. (5th piece)

This work is commissioned by the Orchestra Symphonique Region Center – Tours and received the prize of the foundation Simone and Cino Del Duca.

Patrick Burgan

Sitio (I thirst)