4 female voices
Antiphon by Hildegard von Bingen
Duration : ~ 4’
Commission of Ensemble Cum Jubilo
First performance on april 20th 2014 in St-Amand de Boixe’s Abbey, by Cum Jubilo.
Recording : CD Ligia Digital – Cum Jubilo

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This work is a commission of the Cum Jubilo Ensemble : they wanted a new piece that would reflect the spirit of their name, therefore infused with a highly jubilant feeling.

The text of Hildegard von Bingen’s Magnificat antiphon « Ô frondens virga » proved, with its simple and bright lyricism, to the best setting to meet these requirements.

First an exordium with bright chords leads us to elevation ; then comes a swirling exultation in the form of a fugue ; at last is heard a sweet prayer beseeching the helping hand that will make us rise again.

Antiphon by Hildegard von Bingen (to Virgin Mary)

O frondens virga,                                        O leafy branch,

In tua nobilitate stans,                     Standing in your nobility,

Sicut aurora procedit.                             As dawn breaks !

Nunc gaude et laetare                           Now rejoice, exult

Et nos debiles dignare               And deign liberate us so weak

A mala consuetudine                     liberare Frome vil habits,

Atque manum tuam porrige          And extend your hand

Ad erigendum nos.                         To help us to get up again.

Video documentary : Extract of “Jubilatio” at 2’10”