Cello octet
Duration : env. 15’
First performance on september 27th 1994 at Sacem’s Auditorium in Paris by the Conjunto Iberico de Violonchelos conducted by Elìas Arizcuren
Spanish first performance on February 26th 1995 in Madrid by the same ensemble
Publisher : Editions Jobert

Even if Apollo generally presides over the task of elaborating a work, it is clear that to all appearances, in this one – in its execution – a dionysian breath is ever present.
Here it is more than just a breath, it is in fact the very lungs of the master of the Bacchantes which resounds in this piece and indeed in many ways accounts for its divine title.
The spirit of  Dionysos is also felt in the impressive, symphonic, performances of the 8 cellos,   in turn crystalline, booming, elegiac, sensual, frenetic…all brothers of Protheus, all  pushed to the extreme!


Video-Installation by Zoulikha Bouabdellah “Men on the beach”, using “Dionysos” soundtrack – Mathias Coullaud’s Galery – Paris