Symphonic poem for 11 percussions
Duration : 55’
Commande des Percussions-Claviers de Lyon
First performance on march 18th 2015 at the Théâtre de la Renaissance of Oullins by the PCL (Lyon) and Sixtrum ensemble (Montréal). Tours in France and Canada.


Complete work (Montreal’s performance)

Documentary :


To get the scores, send an email to the association Alcmène (see Contact)

 « I am sure that Miron would have liked this musical interpretation; he, who had a fine ear and a dancing step; he who inhabited all the rhythms of the Quebec language and also the most traditional of the French poetic style. Batèches takes me to this crossing of ways and it is there I understand, several times over, the whole future that Miron is still proclaiming »

Pierre Nepveu, Gaston Miron’s biographer

La Presse (15-02-2016) : clic here