D.G. in memoriam

Fantasy in 6 pictures on the Xavier Darasse’s name
Duration : 17′
Commissioned by the Festival Toulouse-Les-Orgues
First performance: October 21th 2012 in Toulouse’s Basilique Saint-Sernin by Bernhard Haas.


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This work has been commissioned in 2012 by the festival Toulouse-Les-Orgues which payed tribute to the composer and organist Xavier Darasse who died 20 years ago.
Xavier Darasse could not finish his opera “The Picture of Dorian Gray”; he left only the first act partly orchestrated, and the beginning of the second.

There is a certain anxiety for a creator at the idea of leaving unfinished a work for a long time thought, patiently constructed and the architecture of which is already strongly determined when begins the act of musical writing ; then it looks like a deserted child or the 6 Pirandello’s characters forgotten by their author.
D.G. in memoriam is the grave of this opera which will never be born.
It is at the same time a tribute to its author, whose letters of the name condition all the musical material, and drama without word synthesizing in 6 pictures the key points of the novel of Oscar Wilde.

This work, dedicated to Michel Bouvard, had the privilege to be first performed on the amazing Cavaillé-Coll of the basilique Saint-Sernin in Toulouse, real symphonic vessel with incomparable volume and colors.