Five Etudes for piano
Duration : 10’
(Running race, Crowns, Children’s song, Ladybugs, Chimes)
Commission of Orléans International Piano Competition
First performance on march 2d 2002, at the Orléans Piano Competition
Publisher : Jobert editions

“Running race” (Winston Choi – Paris, salle Cortot) :

“Children’s song” (Makoto Ueno – Orléans) :

“Ladybugs” (Winston Choi – Orléans) :

Complete listening (Winston Choi, piano)

Complete video -Do-Hyun Kim, piano (Busoni competition)

The virtuosity required by these etudes and their rather formal character – an overview of chromatic scale intervals and their inversions from minor seconds to augmented fourths – are only their outer protection. The performer is of course meant above all to focus on their inner musicality. The five respective subtitles should help to suggest the appropriate atmosphere and inherent expressivity of each one.