Le voile déchiré

Flute, viola and piano
Duration : 11’
Commissioned by Trio Duruflé
First performance on march 16th 2003 in Paris Salle Cortot by trio Duruflé
Pubisher : Editions Jobert

Complete listening
Dedicated to the trio Maurice Duruflé who is the sponsor(sleeping partner), this work consists of three chained parts(parties).
The first one(night) – also divided into three – makes first of all, in the viola(alto), the stabbing and plaintive rhythm listen on which will articulate all the construction of the room(part,play). After a slow development of the trio, the piano remains alone.
A furious scherzo arises then where three instruments alternately base(establish) themselves and collide, then eventually lose completely their melodic spirit to play on made sound effects techniques.
Finally, the long terminal sentence of the viola(alto) and the small flute – the latter rings as the strange harmonious sound of the first one “suffocated”(“suppressed”) by his mute – spreads(displays,deploys) on a resonant weft of the piano which combines(organizes) various speeds of the original rhythmic cycle.

Patrick Burgan