Sources (Springs)

Wind quintet
Duration : 18’
First performance on february 9th 1994 in Madrid by Ensemble 2e2m
French first performance on march 20th 1995 at the Georges Pompidou Center of Paris by the Nielsen quintett
Publisher: Editions Leduc

“Outburst” :

It was only after the composition of the work, that the titles of these four sound « sources » (“founts”) became obvious, as evocative reflections of their poetic atmosphere.

« Rustling », moderate allegro is a series of murmurs moving forward in a constantly changing harmonic backcloth. The hesitant end is almost a whisper.

« Lascivious », very expressive largo, first listens to the teasing sensuality of the soloists’ timbres, before eventually letting the oboe sing in a soft and languorous polyphony.

« Furtive » is a very brief, fanciful scherzo, where the lines take flight, constantly alternate, before finally embracing in a polyrhythm….fugitive.

« Outburst », an extremely fast moving presto, bears some kind of resemblance to the refrain-couplets style. The refrain, always varied but characterised by a continuous succession of quavers, frames several couplets where each, in its own particular style, gives rise to the spirited driving force.