Six little pieces in the way of…

2 pianos
Duration : env. 18′

(Arranged for 2 pianos by the composer)

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2 pianos

  1. The unnamed stream
  2. Steps in the night
  3. The scarlet tea
  4. Dancer in the sun
  5. These trees around the forest
  6. Outdoor pursuit

This composition was aroused by tributes to both composers who were born in 1685, for their tercentenary: J.S. Bach and D. Scarlatti.

G.F. Haendel (however great composer too) was not finally member of this trip; but other musicians appointed in the cycle, chose according to the whim this time, not to celebrate any anniversary.

The tribute to all these authors is returned, according to the pieces, either by the formal structure, or harmonious or rhythmic writing, or even by the specificity of the writing for keyboard.

A small riddle placed in each of the titles can help to discover about which composer it is.