Six Etudes

2 pianos
1 Trills, 2 Fourths, 3 Resonances, 4 Agility, 5 Melody, 6 Chords
Duration : 21′
First performance on april 26th 1989 at Maison de Radio-France by Emmanuel Strosser and Nicholas Angelich.
Publisher : Editions Billaudot

Each of these studies exploits a technical specificity of the piano (echos, digital virtuosity, leading melodic line, fast movements of chords, etc.)

However the research of a real problematic has to be considered under the angle of the piano duet, because these studies exploit one of the major characteristics of this twin ensemble: synchronism, complementarity of the touch, dialectic between the instrumental individuality and the fusion, etc.

Patrick Burgan

Résonances :

Agilité :