Guitar and electro-acoustic device
Duration : env. 10′
Commissioned by the Spanish Ministery of Culture
First performance on september 21st 1994 at the festival of Alicante by Flores Chaviano
French first performance on November 27th 1995 in Toulouse by Laurent Vivet

To get the score, send an email to the association Alcmène : Contact

The rosette is this rounded off mouth which remains motionless in the middle of the guitar in eternal one yawn.

Several rosettes are so going to have a dialogue throughout this piece, because the soloist is confronted with one or several guitars ghosts broadcasted by other rosettes, those of the loudspeakers.

A wide polyphony of bells and chimes – diverted from sounds of the guitar or mixing to them – build the skeleton of the work and maybe pulls us towards other rosettes still, those who toss their colored petals under the resonant vault of cathedrals.