Rondes nocturnes

(Ephémères, Lucioles, Papillons, Poussières)

Violin, cello and piano
Duration : 13’
First performance on 15th of may 1993 in Saint-Pierre des Corps by the Wozzeck trio
Editions Billaudot
Recording : CD Maguelone 350 529 – Trio Henry

“Ephémères” (extr) :

Mayflies, Fireflies, Butterflies, Dusts : four night dances, four faces of the teeming life of an animal world which seems to awake when the sun sets.

The dance of the moths which become one with the grains of dust swept by the wind : a magical procession of these tiny sources of light which seem scarcely to move in their stately pavane ; the shimmering and almost silent farandole of the mayflies which live out this single dance, but whose brief destiny holds all the charm, in their eyes, of a long lifespan.

All this unknown and secret universe finds its voice, for a moment in time, before returning to the shadows.

Patrick Burgan

English translation : Elisabeth Chataing