Saxophone quartet
Duration : 9’
First performance on september 29th 1997 in Valencia by the Diastema quartet
Publisher : Jobert editions

Recording : CD « L’Actuel » by Moebius quartet
(label : La Ma del guido)

1.Funeral – 2.Fluid – 3.Plaintive – 4.Impetuous – 5.Quivering – 6.Hurried

Miniatures is dedicated to the Diastema quartet who premier it in a remarkable performance, during the 11th Saxophone World Congress held in Valencia in 1997.

The first piece, Funèbre (Funeral), displays a sharp melody over a slow and regular rhythmic scansion. In Fluide (Fluid), the former melody reappears as an overriding recitation through slapping bounces. Plaintif (Plaintive), with its soft stammering chords, sounds like a break before the violent succession of ascending scales in Fougueux (Impetuous). A new lull appears among the abundance of steady trills which constitute Frémissant (Quivering). Finally, an overstimulating ending, Précipité (Hurried), closes the cycle with an impressive game of instrumental relays.

 CD extract (Quatuor Moebius) “Fluide”

Concert extract (Quartett Diastema)
“Fougueux” :