Messe de la Perverie

Children choir and mixed choir
Duration : 25’
Kyrie : mixed choir  – Gloria : female choir – Credo : children choir and mixed choir – Sanctus : male choir – Agnus dei : children choir
Commissioned by the Maîtrise de la Perverie
First performance on november 27th 2004 in the Cathedral of Nantes by the Maîtrise de la Perverie conducted by Gilles Gérard

“Credo” (beginning) :

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The Maîtrise de la Perverie commissioned this work during my residency at this institution in Nantes in 2004.

Gilles Gérard, Director of the Maîtrise requested a work which would showcase each group of voices (male, female and child) made up of several sections and open to individual interpretation.

Therefore, this is why I came up with the idea of the five pieces from the Ordinary Mass:

The Kyrie, a harrowing plea from the crowd of followers is written for the mixed choir.

The female voices take care of the exultant and frenetic Gloria.

The Credo in the central section, demonstration of faith, is a call for all: male, female and child voices.

The divine breath can be felt in the Sanctus, through the regular scansions of the male voices; a tenor soloist sings the Benedictus .

And for the Agnus Dei, sacrificed innocence: two pure and clear child voices.

Each of these pieces, all a cappella can be sung independently.

In the « Ite missa est » (ad libitum), the exit prayer once the mass is over,  at last the Great Organ – in some way the voice of God –  makes its entrance, accompanied by the harmonic backbone of the entire vocal ensemble.