Mixed choir
Duration : 3’
Commissioned by Cité de la Musique-Paris
First performance on april 25th 1999 at the Cité de la Musique in Paris by the chamber choir Mikrokosmos conducted by Loïc Pierre.
Publisher: Editions Jobert
Recording:  CD Jade 198586-2 – Mikrokosmos

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« The Cité de la Musique » in Paris had particular demands when commissioning this piece. It consisted of choosing a one note reference for the pivotal structure of the work; moreover the first letter of the title of the piece had to match that note in the anglo-saxon solfege. I immediately chose the note sol: in fact, called « Sol » this note has the Latin name of our star; « G », which in Greek becomes our planet.

Thus being both a part of the sun’s furnace and the telluric darkness, the Gehenna gradually split from the central core (C sharp) so that the  « G » explodes in four octaves (this only comes  two thirds of the way through a work entirely driven by the golden number) and set ablaze in its turn by various satellites.

These Gehennas are written in memory of the composer Gérard Grisey (we should take note of the initials). He was also fascinated by all the conflicting energies surrounding us and in some way are of what we are made.

Patrick Burgan