Mes deux filles (My 2 daughters)

2 equal voices
Poem by Victor Hugo
Duration : 2’
First performance on april 10th 1995 in the Church of the Sacré-Coeur of Marseille, Children’s choir La Lauzeta directed by Agnès Richou.
Editions Jobert

2 equal voices

THE POEM (english translation*)

My 2 daughters

In the cool chiaroscuro of the charming night that falls,
One like a swan, the other like a dove,
Beautiful, and both joys, o sweetness!
See, the big sister and the little sister
Are seated at the foot of the garden, and on them
A bouquet of white carnations with long fragile stems,
In a marble urn, shaken by the wind,
Lean to look at them, immobile and alive,
And shake in the shadow, and seem at vase’s edge,
A flight of butterflies frozen in ecstasy.

Victor Hugo

(*the original poem in french)